DSC_0073The monthly all school curriculum incorporates math, art, language, and science. Our qualified, caring teachers develop age appropriate lesson plans each week. These daily academics include letters, numbers, colors, shapes and virtues. This structured and caring environment promotes learning and socialization. Enrichment activities include a music program taught by Mrs. Hand, a Stretch-n-Grow coach that emphasizes health, exercise and nutrition as well as a Public Library Outreach program.

Each classroom will have Lesson Plans developing a weekly theme and daily events. Integrated within these weekly themes will be age appropriate math, science, pre-reading and writing activities as well as art projects, free play and outdoor time. Your child will have a number of activities to experience throughout the day.

Our classrooms will be a safe and encouraging environment that allows children to explore and learn. Each child will be given the opportunity to interact in a positive manner with peers and adults in one-on-one and group settings. The children will able to communicate their individual needs and wants in a variety of situations as well as apply reasoning capabilities in those situations. By placing the child in an environment that has a number of activities and projects, they will be developing decision making skills by choosing different activities and completing tasks that accompany each activity.

Through play, the children will develop social skills such as language, cooperation, sharing, and negotiating. large and fine motor skills will also develop in daily activities such as paper cutting and physical education. We will strive to make sure each child has a successful learning experience in their classroom.